Oak Framed Porches in Oxfordshire

Specialising in bespoke oak framed porches, our Oxfordshire team is ready to tackle even the most complex projects. Benefit from our expertise and receive a complimentary quotation. Get in touch with us today.

Quality Builds

Our Oxfordshire experts excel in crafting custom oak framed porches, adept at handling intricate designs and extensive projects. Take advantage of our seasoned know-how and enjoy a no-obligation quote. Reach out to us today.

A Family Owned Installer

As a family-run business in Oxfordshire, we pride ourselves on our capacity and expertise in creating oak framed porches, while maintaining a personal touch and dedicated care for every project.

Projects to suit your budget

Our tailored approach for oak framed porches involves collaborating closely with you to understand your vision and establish a clear budget upfront, ensuring we align with your goals throughout the project.

“Really happy with our oak porch. High standard of work and flexible service. It was a pleasire to have the team working in our space. Would recommend whole heartedly.
Oxford School Taiji and Qigong


“These guys were stars, thank them again for us please and thank you Nick for working with us and keeping things on track. We are delighted with the finished job. Cathy & Peter
Cathy & Peter


Eco-friendly Oak Framed Porches

If you’re considering oak framed porches in Oxfordshire, Abingdon Oak Ltd is your trusted choice. Enhance your home with our oak porches, offering both space and value increase. Our sustainable, locally-sourced, carbon-neutral oak is ideal for versatile designs. Serving Oxfordshire, including Bicester, High Wycombe, and Reading, we’re ready to meet your needs. Reach out for more information.

Oak Porch
Oak Porches in Oxfordshire

Customised Oak Porch Solutions in Oxfordshire

Enhance your home with a bespoke porch, the ideal choice for adding versatile living space in Oxfordshire. Whether it’s for an extra bedroom, a study, or a dining area, our custom oak porches are tailored to your specific needs. Get in touch for further details.

Oak Porches: Strength and Longevity

Renowned for its durability and strength, oak ensures your porch withstands the test of time. Our team specialises in customising oak porches to meet your unique needs. We also provide bespoke oak frame extensions, garages, and garden rooms. Discuss your requirements with us today.

Oak Framed Porches

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Oak Framed Porches

Do you need planning permission for an oak framed porch?
Generally, oak framed porches fall under 'permitted development' and don't require planning permission in the UK. However, this depends on size, location, and design. It's advisable to consult your local planning authority for specific guidelines.
How much does an oak porch cost?

The cost of an oak porch varies based on size, design complexity, and regional factors. For a precise quote, please contact us with your specific requirements.

How long does it take to install an oak framed porch?

Installation times can vary, but typically, an oak framed porch can be installed within 1-2 weeks. This timeframe can change based on the complexity of the design and site-specific conditions.

Can oak porches be customised to fit my home’s style?
Absolutely! Oak porches can be fully customised to complement your home's architectural style. Whether you prefer a traditional look or a more modern aesthetic, we can tailor the design to suit your preferences.
Are oak porches energy-efficient?
Yes, oak is a naturally insulating material, making oak porches energy-efficient. They can help in maintaining temperature balance, contributing to reduced energy costs over time.
How do you maintain an oak framed porch?
Oak porches require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning and occasional checks for signs of wear are sufficient. Over time, oak weathers to a silver-grey hue, but if you prefer, treatments are available to preserve its original colour.
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