Oak Framed Garages in Oxfordshire

We offer pre-constructed oak roofs for your garage. If you have a large or complicated project which requires more attention, our team can help you, and offer free quotations. Contact us today.

Quality Builds

All of our projects are designed and built by experienced tradesman. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, hard work and your satisfaction.

A Family Owned Installer

We are a family-owned business who are big & experienced enough to cope but small enough to care about all of our projects.

Projects to suit your budget

With our bespoke process, we work with you to identify what you want to achieve and identify early on a budget which we work towards.

Hand-crafted Oak Framed Garages in Oxfordshire

Are you planning to build a new garage? You can rely on Abingdon Oak Ltd. With 33 years of experience in the trade, we can help you with all types of oak framed garages. All you have to do is tell us what you want and our team will do the rest. We offer our services in Bicester, High Wycombe and Reading.

Oak Framed Garages In Oxfordshire
Oak Garage Project In Oxfordshire

Design your Oak Framed Garage

You can choose from our collection of oak framed garage designs. We can design a garage that complements the look of your property. If you are looking for something specific, you can discuss it with our team and we can take care of the rest. Get in touch with us for bespoke oak framed garages.

Built to Last Oak Framed Garages

Our garages are built with top quality material from Abingdon Oak Buildings Ltd. You can rely on us to provide a high quality, customised garage for you. For bespoke garages, contact our experts.

Oak Double Garage Oxford

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Oak Framed Garages

Do you need planning permission for an oak framed garage in Oxfordshire?

In Oxfordshire, oak framed garages may require planning permission based on their size, design, and location. It's always best to consult with the local Oxfordshire planning authority to understand specific requirements and restrictions.

How much are oak framed garages in Oxfordshire?
The cost of oak framed garages in Oxfordshire can vary. Factors influencing the cost include size, design complexity, and customisation. For a more accurate quote, feel free to contact us with your specifications.
How long do oak garages last?
Oak garages are known for their durability, often lasting for several decades or even centuries with proper maintenance. The natural robustness of oak makes it an excellent choice for long-lasting structures.
Can oak framed garages in Oxfordshire be customised to match my house style?
Yes, oak framed garages can be fully customised to complement the style of your house in Oxfordshire. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern look, we can tailor the design to match your home's aesthetic.
What maintenance is required for oak framed garages?

Oak framed garages require minimal maintenance. Regular inspections and basic care, like cleaning and checking for any signs of wear or damage, are sufficient to maintain their condition and appearance.

Are oak framed garages eco-friendly?
Oak framed garages are an eco-friendly option. Oak is a renewable resource, and its natural insulation properties can improve energy efficiency. Additionally, sourcing oak locally in Oxfordshire reduces the environmental impact.
“Really happy with our oak porch. High standard of work and flexible service. It was a pleasire to have the team working in our space. Would recommend whole heartedly.
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“These guys were stars, thank them again for us please and thank you Nick for working with us and keeping things on track. We are delighted with the finished job. Cathy & Peter
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